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Day 18: Moving Forward

I have talked about my short term goals for this month. This time, let’s be more specific about the long term ones. Who knows, someone out there can help me realize them… :)


Embracing life...

• Own a house and a car (and of course to learn how to drive that car!)
• Put up a restaurant business or cake house/bread shop.
• Have my own online business, most likely SEO firm!
• Get married and live happily ever after. So excited to have my own happy family!
• Travel around the world, 3 international tour per year will do.
• Extend help to other people especially the needy, children and elders. I want to touch more lives…

Hmmm… that’s all I can think of right now. :)

I can feel that… all of these dreams, are just few steps away from reality…
Hold my hand and walk with me, will you?

*This post is brought to you by The 30-Day Challenge!

•Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

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How To Increase Page Rank

Page rank is important if you wish to earn more from your blog. Site PR and Alexa Ranking are the first two things considered by advertisers. Is your blog competitive enough to give you dollars in return? Even if you’re blogging out of passion or interest, a little ad space won’t hurt your precious homepage. So it would be better if you can establish a high page rank to attract advertisers.

Anime- Advertisement

Trust me, it won't hurt...

There’s no secret in increasing page rank. Just a little bit of hardwork, ample time, lots of patience and you’re all good! I have a dedicated blog for blogging tips like this so you may want to visit Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed or M3O: Make More Money Online, two of my 15 blogs (you can find them under Link-EX tab).

Moving forward, let me share you few steps that I have done in the past. Don’t ask me how Pinkville got PR2. Sometimes, things happen naturally.

1. Exchanging links with other bloggers
2. Using my blog URL as forum signature
3. Submitting my blogs to high-ranking directories e.g. www.freedirectorysubmission.org
4. Publishing contents regularly
5. Blog hopping and leaving comments on other blogs

Hmmm. Five will do, that’s pretty basic!

I’ll share more if I remember other SEO-related tasks that I’ve done for my blogs. And… as obvious as it may sound, more readers the better. :)

Thanks for reading!

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How Much Is Your Online Income?

For this month, that is.

Anime Calculator

Let's add and multiply...

Let me compute mine.

*pressed several digits on the calculator*

$200 from a single client, not bad. I’m not into paid blog posts lately so it is understandable if I am not earning that much unlike the past few months. I was not able to consistently update my blogs as well therefore the sudden decrease in the number of current and possible advertisers. Been busy with a lot of things. Yes, some mundane stuff and few family and social obligations.

At times that I get stressed with my daily work, I think of putting up my own home based business to be my own boss. Seems that I’ve got no luck to get promoted in my current position so why not invest with what I currently have? I’ve got above average SEO skills, excellent usage and understanding of the English language, in-depth knowledge about blogging techniques, and most of all, passion to online jobs. I’m not bragging, ok? :)

So if you’re up for extra jobs, you can try blogging and affiliate marketing. I’m just a click away. :)


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How to Monetize Your Website

Using Affiliate Programs to Turn a Profit

How to monetize your website might seem like a difficult and long-term process, but there are ways to profit from your website and start receiving revenues fairly quickly. An excellent method to achieve this is through affiliate programs. Both the merchant and the affiliate will profit from the relationship. The affiliate will receive an income from each “hit” on the merchant’s link that’s posted on the affiliate’s website. And the powerful viral nature of the Internet can increase the affiliate’s income exponentially. The merchant will see increased traffic to his or her website, providing thousands of potential new customers.

Putting Your Website to Work

If you have a business, you can’t expect it to flourish and meet its full potential without a website. Today, marketing strategies don’t only include the Internet. They make the Web the top method for attracting customers to a business’s product or service. And smart business owners can monetize their website to bring additional income into the business and increase the bottom line. By joining an affiliate program, you take advantage of the Internet’s networking capabilities. As a business owner, an affiliate program can increase sales by driving more people to your website. As a website owner, you can receive revenues simply by linking a merchant’s website to your own.

A Path to Profit

If you’re asking yourself how you can monetize your website, the answer could be through an affiliate program. Whether you’re the affiliate or the merchant, these programs are a good way to get profit out of your website. As an affiliate, merchants will link their website to yours, and each time a visitor to your site clicks on the merchant’s link, you’ll receive a payment. This payment can be calculated based on number of clicks, number of sales or number of impressions—how many times an ad, or banner, is viewed. By joining an affiliate program, merchants can drive more traffic to their site.


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