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Find A Job that Makes You Happy

I’ve just read the latest oDesk newsletter and I’d like to share it to everyone: oDesk: 9 Easy Tips for Getting Hired

With an outstanding profile and impressive cover letter, your dream job can be yours in an instant! Earn million dollars while working at the comfort of your own home! My online jobs make me happy and I’m sure you’re also excited to find your true calling. How about being a freelancer?

At oDesk, there are plenty of jobs to choose from! Even those searching for internist jobs can start their careers online. Skills and knowledge in internal medicine can be applied in a profession like medical transcriptionist.

Anime Nurse

Nurse on duty...

Internists are doctors who often work as general practitioners but also have advanced training, lasting from three to more years after medical school, so that they have become specifically skilled in treating diseases inside the body or as it relates to one or more body systems. -Definition by

For image credits, check Anime Images.


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Hot Issue: Libel Against Me

Sticky Post: Originally posted last 08/05/2010

Telling the Truth

I'm just... telling the truth!

Just when I thought everything has been settled after being informed that all of SEA-MARJ’s job postings have been updated, here goes a threatening comment. Oh, I know why it’s “Anonymous”! Taking legal action against me when he/she can’t even speak nor write in proper English.

Let me quote the comments:

Good day! I hope it will still be a good day for you Ms. Liezel Ocampo upon reading this comment!We are the legal counsel of SEAMARJ and I would like to caught your attention that the case Libel against you is now being arrange by our company. You will received a summon letter kindly wait for it. Can you accept and post this comment so that all people commenting on your blog might be aware that ion this world being judgemental without further basis is not a healthy attitude!

And the second one:

Just wait for the legal actions that is filed against you Ms. LiezelOcampo. As early as now find a good lawyer that can defend you. Good Luck!. Expect a demand letter coming from SEAMARJ!

And here’s my reply:

Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. Even if I have doubts that you are the legal counsel of SEA-MARJ (the grammatical errors really caught my attention) I still posted this comment. I’m letting the world know that a libel case can be filed against someone who’s telling the truth. :)

What are your judgments? If you wish to know whether I am guilty or not, find time to read the original post and other people’s testimonials here. I even updated the post after receiving an email from Jobstreet. Wanna see? Click here.

Seriously, I was “nosebleed” after reading their comments. But hey, it made my day.


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Call Center Hoppers: What’s Good About Them?


Hello? How may I help you today?

Being a call center agent is not easy. You have to bear with shifting schedules, irate customers, strict managers and sometimes, annoying workmates. I’m not a call center agent but a Technical Support Engineer and I have my fair share of customer support experiences. I’ve dealt with racist, ill-mannered, paranoid and hot-tempered clients. I’m not a saint and I’ve cursed some of them while on “mute”. I’ve been condescending, unforgiving, closed-minded, stressed and what not on different occasions. When I’m lethargic, I don’t care at all. Is it about time to look for another job? When career growth seems to be impossible, is career change the best solution?

I’ve been working for this company for more than two years and most of my batchmates have already resigned. I wonder if I’ll be taking the same path as theirs. But to defend their side, just like other job hoppers, they are not quitters.

Do you know any job hopper close to you? I do. My boyfriend. Haha. I can’t count the number of companies he’d worked with. As a matter of fact, he’s eyeing the Product Trainer position of the xbox 360 account at Convergy’s San Lazaro. That would be ideal for him since he lives near the place.

I remember the email Ice had sent me (Why Job Hoppers Make the Best Employees)… Oh, that girl? She’s happily resigned. Kidding, I’m just missing her and looking forward to our KL-SG trip.

Alright, going back to the email. I’m trying to refrain from quoting so let me just mention the most important parts. So, why do job hoppers make better employees/co-workers?

1. They have more intellectually rewarding careers. How come? The challenges they face in every job they get after changing from one to another keeps their learning curve stay high. Yes, those brain cells work out each day to increase both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

2. They have more stable careers. Job hoppers have strong belief in themselves and their abilities so they are aware that the stability they get in their career comes from them and not from the company. Stability can be created through networking. By the time that you’ve worked with so many companies in the past, you’ve efficiently established a great circle of friends already and it is through this network, you can filter and choose the most suitable job for you.

3. They are higher performers. Because they are always looking forward to a more challenging job, they always do their best at the present. The thought of having an impressive resume is a very good drive to achieve more.

4. They are more loyal. They make the most out of current relationship. They care for the people they’re with because they want the same treatment. It also allows them to leave footprints as they leave. They are the workers worth-remembering.

5. They are more emotionally mature. They know what is right and the number of months they’ve been working in a company nor their age has nothing to do it it. They have commitment to personal growth and they always know what to do next.

No career is interesting if it’s not engaging and challenging, and your most important job is to find that — over and over. Do not settle for outdated workplace models that accept complacency and downplay self-knowledge. Sure, the job market is tough nowadays – but that’s no reason to settle.


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How Much Is Your Online Income?

For this month, that is.

Anime Calculator

Let's add and multiply...

Let me compute mine.

*pressed several digits on the calculator*

$200 from a single client, not bad. I’m not into paid blog posts lately so it is understandable if I am not earning that much unlike the past few months. I was not able to consistently update my blogs as well therefore the sudden decrease in the number of current and possible advertisers. Been busy with a lot of things. Yes, some mundane stuff and few family and social obligations.

At times that I get stressed with my daily work, I think of putting up my own home based business to be my own boss. Seems that I’ve got no luck to get promoted in my current position so why not invest with what I currently have? I’ve got above average SEO skills, excellent usage and understanding of the English language, in-depth knowledge about blogging techniques, and most of all, passion to online jobs. I’m not bragging, ok? :)

So if you’re up for extra jobs, you can try blogging and affiliate marketing. I’m just a click away. :)


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SEA-MARJ: Please Share Your Experience

If the post title got your attention, read more about SEA-MARJ and share your thoughts about it here – SEA-MARJ – Think Twice Before You Apply. Can it really make successful chefs, waitresses, bartenders, and receptionists?

Cute Waitress

Trained to be the best!

How good is this training center? I’d love to hear from you. :)

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