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Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

Halloween or sometimes referred to as Hallowe’ en is a contraction of the term “All Hallow’s Eve”. It is annually celebrated by a lot of countries on October 31st, which is the eve of Western Christian feast of All Saints. It was also said that Halloween has pagan roots, particularly influenced by the Celt’s Samhain (pronounced as Sah-win/Sow-in) which was also held around October 31st to November 1st.

Anime Chibi Halloween

There are actually a lot of interesting things that most people are likely unaware of when it comes to Halloween such as:

  • Other Names: Other than All Saints Day and All Hallows Eve, it is also known as the Feast of the Dead, The Day of the Dead and All Hallow Tide.
  • All Saints Day Fact: When Christianity spread throughout Europe, November 1stwas made to be All Saints Day to commemorate the good deeds of saints who do not have a special day of their own.
  • When The Romans Came: After Europe was conquered by the Romans, the festivals being celebrated there to commemorate their dead as well as their harvest festivals like Poloma, Samhain and Feraila where merged with the Romans’ own festivals.
  • Black Cats: Before black cats were associated with bad witches, black cats were originally thought to be the protectors of good witches’ powers from negative forces.
  • Jack-O-Lantern:  The first Jack-o-Lantern was made out of hollowed out turnips.
  • Superstitions: Some say that if you see a spider on All Hallows Eve, it could be that it is a spirit of a love one watching over you. It was also said that ringing bells drives evil spirits away. Another was that if you want to meet a witch, you must wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on this eve.
  • Trick or Treat: This has been a very old practice and is associated with Halloween wherein children wear costumes while they go around in the neighborhood to as “trick or treat?” and if they are not given treats, they can play subtle pranks on their neighbor’s properties. Such customs may have originated from old Celtic festivals related to Samhain and Calan Gaeaf which was held on October 31st to November 1st. It was said that fairies and entities both good and bad are active during this time of the year and wearing costumes or taking the guise of such entities can keep you safe from them.

These are but a few interesting facts about Halloween but then again, regardless of its origin, it is still on interesting holiday or event that people love to celebrate every year.

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The True Science Behind Getting A Bigger Butt

Ok, maybe the art of getting a beautiful new butt is not down to science, but it’s definitely a fine art. While many ladies in the US and across the globe, think getting a brand new booty is easy and straight forward they are more often than not, proved otherwise, when they realise just how hard it can be.

If you do a google search for terms such as “How to get a bigger butt” or “How To Get A Brand New Booty” it’s more than likely you will encounter some shops that are selling a full range of products that claim to transform your life and provide you with the butt you crave in a short period of time.

Many of these products are actually very dangerous and contain some pretty harmful stuff that can damage your body. Do you think it’s honestly possible to take a single pill for 7 days that is going to totally transform your body?

With that being said there are many herbal products out there that can work very well alongside the other activities you must undertake in order to achieve a great butt. Aguaje, which is from Peru can not only help to provide your butt a fuller shape, but can also help to keep the skin smooth and to prevent hair loss.

It’s available to buy in both powder form and pills and although it’s not cheap it will definitely help to accelerate your butt growth.

Another great technique is to do 30 squats per day, yep only 30, which will take you all of 10 minutes and in many cases not even cause you to break into a sweat. It’s also highly recommended that you use barbells or maybe even a small dumbbell, whatever your preference.

Food science can and will play a huge factor and it’s important you cut out a lot of the bad carbs you are eating like white sugar. If you really need sugar, simply replace it with brown, and always try and eat things like brown rice.

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How To Play Timbales

If you are interested in learning how to play the instrument, then follow these steps:

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is to place the timbales on a stand and adjust its height in relation to your position. Next thing you have to do is to position the larger drum to your left and the smaller drum to your right. Use timbales sticks using a matched grip when you start playing.

Step 2: When tuning the timbales, tune them to the middle or lower part of their range along with an interval of a perfect fourth between the lower and higher drum. What you do next is to play an open stroke by hitting the drum in the middle of the head and allow it to resonate then play a rim shot stroke by hitting the rim and the edge of the drum head at the same time.

Step 3: What you do next is to play a cross-stick stroke and you can do this by holding the drum stuck between your index finger and your thumb, while positioning your hand’s heel on the drum head while tapping the stick on the shell rim with a motion coming from your wrist.

These are some advise when it comes to learning how to play an lp karl perazzo signature timbales at musician’s friend.

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Tips In Choosing The Best Homecoming Dress For Your Body

Homecoming is a special event wherein alumni are welcomed back by the school where they graduated from. It has been a long time tradition and continues to be held by universities, colleges and high school. And this is one of those events that alumni girls look forward to and like prom; every girl desires to look at her best. Just remember this general rule when picking a dress; carefully and honestly assess your body shape because the dress that you will be picking is dependent on your body’s shape. Always remember to choose a dress which accentuates your body’s assets. Below are some of the dresses that you can choose from according to the body shape they fit well with:

Homecoming Dresses for Hourglass Shape: A girl having this kind of body shape often has well-rounded hips, thighs, and chest area and these features can be taken advantage of by picking a dress which accentuates as well as balances the weight of the curves while still being able to keep the body shape prominent. Dresses which snuggly fit the body are good places to start as well as dresses which are made out of light-weighing fabric that gradually flows along the torso without creating an illusion of added weight.

Sexy Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming Dresses for Apple Shape: Dresses like this fit torsos which are shape like an apple, complemented by a large chest and slim hips. The shoulders may be a bit broad with the mid-section of the body being wider. Girls having this kind of body built should find dresses that gradually glide along the shape of their bodies as well as emphasize the torso and reveals more of the girl’s legs. Some of the dresses that can accomplish this would be those having a V-neckline or an empire-line neckline to make the body appear longer. These dresses, particularly empire dresses help give the girl a slimmer figure. But perhaps the advantage of these dresses is that they accentuate a girl’s legs.

Homecoming Dresses for Pear Shape: This shape refers to girls having a pear shaped torso, having a small upper body portion with the lower part of the body being bigger. Girls having this kind of body shape tend to have rounded hips and posteriors, complemented by slim stomachs and smaller chests. The best dress for girls having this kind of body shape would be those that put emphasis on the girl’s shoulders, turning the attention away from the hips. These dresses also help elongate the torso as well as the flat stomach.

These are but a few body shapes that you as a girl should consider when you are choosing a good homecoming dress. You may want to start checking out websites like DressFirst and many more to help you find more options.

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The Different Kinds Of Microphones

Cute Anime Girls Recording Music

Picking the right microphone when it comes to recording is important. However, if you do not have much experience in the recording studio then it can be difficult to pick the right microphone for you. The list below is the kind of microphones and their individual uniqueness.

  • Dynamic Microphone: The audio signals in a dynamic microphone are created by a conductor’s movement within a magnetic field. Another thing about dynamic microphones is that they are sensitive to sound pressure levels and high frequencies and can withstand pressure.
  • Condenser Microphone: The good thing about condenser microphones is that they are more responsive to speed and the subtlety of sound waves as compared to dynamic microphones. Furthermore, this microphone’s diaphragm tends to vibrate a bit when it comes to sound pressure.
  • Ribbon Microphone: Ribbon microphones almost disappeared in the music industry if not for some companies who continued to develop these microphones. These ribbon microphones often responds to the velocity of air molecules moving a small element suspended in a powerful magnetic field rather than the usual sound pressure.

These are some of the microphones that you may want to consider getting for your studio. So if you are wondering if it is a good idea to get some m-audio microphones at guitar center, then you may want to consider these factors first.

For image credits, check Anime Images.

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