Get the Right Set of Clothes to Wear This Rainy Season

When we are about to suffer the rainy season, we often can’t think on the type of clothes we should wear. Most of the time, we keep our new clothes for a while and use the old ones to prevent them from getting dirty or smudged due to the wet season. It is also quite enjoyable to dress-up when it’s raining outside especially if you are wearing short pants and skirt when you go out.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

One positive thing is when it rains it also makes us happy and we tend to sing those favorite rainy songs we often hear. We could also just relax at our balconies while watching the rain that pours outside sipping hot coffee or tea. However, we cannot avoid not going out and just staying inside the house because we need to go to out to make a living.  And so, we cannot prevent getting our clothes soaking wet especially during heavy rains. Therefore, when rainy season comes along, there are as many downsides as well as upsides.

What are the things we really need?

Deciding on the kind of clothes to wear during the rainy season is not an easy thing. Even if you choose the right set of clothes that you think is practical for the weather, it will surely get wet or will get some dirt all over them. This is the reason why it is important to give a lot of attention to choosing the right set of clothing you would wear during the rainy season. Furthermore, focus not only on clothes but also on the things you may need such as umbrellas and raincoats that come in various designs, sizes, types, colors etc. You can also opt for those that will make you look trendy while also enjoying yourself.

What is the right wardrobe?

Type of footwear

Obviously, it’s not advisable to wear stilettos or shoes with high-heels and the like. Also, avoid using shoes or sandals made of leather since the water could easily damage them. It will help more if you wear regular boots or knee-high ones that are durable  as they not only prevent your feet from getting splashed of dirtied, it also protects your feet from many tiny and sharp objects that may lead to injury.

Rain Gear

Keeping your things in safety is necessary during the rainy season. Practice on carrying umbrella or raincoat everywhere you go to protect your clothes, shoes and other things that could get damage from water. There are numerous sizes, designs and type of umbrellas, raincoats, and boots available from stores that you can choose but try those that will surely give you enough protection.

Anime Girl with Umbrella


As you pick the right clothes from your closet, opt for those bright and colorful ones. Often during rainy days, the weather is gloomy as the sky is dark because of the heavy clouds. Wearing bright is an advantage so that people will easily notice you if you might need to ask for help. Another thing is you need to wear clothes that are made of cotton. Cottony type of materials can easily absorb humidity especially during the wet season. They are also soft, soothing and can adapt to the changing weather.

Therefore, select the right set of clothes especially those made for you and ask your local boutique shops about other options as well. Making your clothes lighter is a wise thing to do during the rainy season. Make sure that you have some spares for your wardrobe, in case they may get wet especially for those who use public transportation to get to their work or place of business. If you keep all of these suggestions in mind then you will save not only time and money but it will also help you protect yourself and your valuables when rainy season arrives.

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