Picking Your Wrestling Shoes

If you are someone who is planning to join your wrestling club in school or someone who plans to make it big in the wrestling industry in the future, it is important that you know what shoes you need to wear. Wearing the right shoes can make or break a particular match since your footing’s stability is partially dependent on the pair of shoe that you are wearing. When picking your first wrestling shoes, always consider the following:

  • Size: This is very important because you cannot just wear any shoe and go compete. Just imagine how disastrous things could turn out if you were in the middle of a competition and then suddenly, the shoe that you were wearing was a bit loose because it was bigger than your foot’s actual size. In order to avoid picking the wrong size, make sure that you already have an idea about your feet’s size so when you shop, you know what shoes to pick. Another thing to remember is that wearing the shoes will cause the shoe to extend a little bit.  The shoe you will be picking should not be too fit or too lose.
  • Brand: Another factor that you should take into account are the brands which has been tested throughout time such as Nike, Adidas, Infinity and many more. A decent pair of wrestling shoe would last at least for two years though this also depends on how often you wrestle, which in turn gets you into wearing down your shoes.
  • Price: Most wrestling shoes can be as much as thirty dollars to one hundred twenty five dollars. If you are a first timer, it would be better if you were to purchase a more inexpensive style. If you have a limited budget then your next bet would be trying to get second-hand shoes though you also have the option of checking online like wrestling shoes from Suplay.com.

It is important that you take your time in choosing your wrestling shoes since a stable footing depends on a shoes having good traction which can only be obtained through quality.

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