Buying Pre-loved Electric Guitar

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It can sometimes be frustrating when you are unable to buy that electric guitar that you have been eyeing for a long time due to lack of funds. But then again, it does not mean that you no longer have the chance to buy something similar to that fender at Guitar Center. However, it is important that you take the following tips into account:

Research: One of the first things that you have to do before you buy that second hand guitar that your family friend is selling you is to research about the guitar being sold to you. Make sure that you are familiar with everything about it. This includes the serial number of the instrument in question. This is useful since it can help you get more information about it from the manufacturer of the electric guitar.

Check the Condition: Make sure that you check the following parts of the guitar:

Body: There are three kinds of body designs for an electric guitar; solid body, semi-hollow body and hollow body. Your choice is dependent on how you play the guitar. Starters usually choose an electric guitar with a solid body.

Neck Construction: Check for damages and or dents around the neck area. However, what you need to make sure is intact is the part where the neck is joined to the body of the guitar. If there is damage on it, even just a small crack, chances are that the electric guitar will not last that long and will eventually result in the guitar breaking down. Do not be bothered by small scratches from around the area or in any part of the guitar but if you see big cracks, then it is time to reconsider. Also take note if the neck is a little bent. If so, decline to buy it.

Strings: Make it a point to test the guitar first before buying it. Check it by playing it. Buying the second hand is plausible if you do not hear any buzzing sound while you strum the strings. This should be the case whether it is plugged or unplugged. Also check the strings if they are already corroded since corroded strings will need to be replaced.

These are just a few things which you need to consider when it comes to buying a second hand electric guitar. Just remember to take time and not to be too excited to buy something which is being sold for half a price. Do your assignment first.

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