Fairy Tail Marathon!

My siblings are going crazy over Fairy Tail! I mean, they’re so addicted to that anime especially Leona who’s fond of streaming online just to get ahead of the TV episodes. Lol. While I was in Batangas last month, I’ve just seen one of its episode and I must say that it’s not bad at all. So I downloaded Fairy Tail anime and I’m currently downloading episodes 117 and 118. OMG! Such a long series, right?

My boyfriend and I just decided to watch it from the beginning and we’re still on episode 12. Long way to go! It must be Fairy Tail Marathon every weekend! My favorite character so far is Erza Scarlet. Though it seems that Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel (plus Happy, the talking cat) are the main characters. Surely, Fairy Tail is a wizard’s guild full of idiots/ weird mages.

Erza Scarlet - Heavens Wheel Armor

Erza Scarlet in her "Heavens Wheel Armor"

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail’s strongest female mage)┬áis an armored female wizard and I love her ex-quip magic. It works like Lucy’s keys. I’ll probably write more about Fairy Tail on my anime blog – Blueville Anime Heaven. Yup, Pinkville’s twin!

I’m planning to buy DVD-R this weekend so that I can burn the downloaded anime and movies. I’m so happy with my Fairy Tail copy! So good! We’re using VLC player to watch all sorts of video files. Fairy Tail’s in .mp4 and it plays great on my VLC. If you don’t have this application yet, you can get it online for free. Ok, here’s one: FREE VLC Media Player Download.

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16 Responses to Fairy Tail Marathon!

  1. So cute! I remember going gaga over Wedding Peach and Sailor Moon when I was a kid :D My favorite anime though is Chobits :P Try it!

  2. astig si erza kasi Rank S wizard na sya katulad ni Mirajane!!!

  3. How old are you girls? :D I’m 31 but I know all those you mentioned :D Yaayyy to otakus…i mean anime lovers! Cute din Chobits pang cosplay, search mo Liz :)

  4. wow sis you are so into gaming! hmmm buti na lang that u have a venue like this to share your interest :D

  5. I super love anime and I actually used to cosplay.. :D I’ve heard a lot about Fairy Tail but I haven’t downloaded the series yet.. hahaha.. Maybe I’ll do really soon para I can go on a Fairy Tail marathon too :) As of the moment I’m loving Gintama.. XD

  6. I am hearing a lot of good stuff abt this anime. Made me want to tune in na din.

  7. weee.. maganda po talaga yang fairy tail.. i was really depressed nung napag iwanan na ko sa anime series na yan.. :D pero ok na ngayon.. enjoy the anime po…

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