How Much Is Your Online Income?

For this month, that is.

Anime Calculator

Let's add and multiply...

Let me compute mine.

*pressed several digits on the calculator*

$200 from a single client, not bad. I’m not into paid blog posts lately so it is understandable if I am not earning that much unlike the past few months. I was not able to consistently update my blogs as well therefore the sudden decrease in the number of current and possible advertisers. Been busy with a lot of things. Yes, some mundane stuff and few family and social obligations.

At times that I get stressed with my daily work, I think of putting up my own home based business to be my own boss. Seems that I’ve got no luck to get promoted in my current position so why not invest with what I currently have? I’ve got above average SEO skills, excellent usage and understanding of the English language, in-depth knowledge about blogging techniques, and most of all, passion to online jobs. I’m not bragging, ok? :)

So if you’re up for extra jobs, you can try blogging and affiliate marketing. I’m just a click away. :)


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4 Responses to How Much Is Your Online Income?

  1. Wow Liz, 200 dollars a month and per client? What do you do in the internet aside from not doing any sponsored opps? How I wish I could be like you, need some money to help my bro to finish college kasi.

  2. oh.. thats crazy, ang laking pera nun ha.. kelan kaya ako kikita sa blogging???

    btw, here is my other blog:

  3. wow! $200 per month per client, that’s not bad. you go ahead and put up your own business, at least you can still do online things. that’s great.

  4. kaya pala ha. $200 isang client lang? galing! congrats. teach me master. hehehe

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